I worked with Talon Construction

“I have worked with Talon Construction for several years, and they have always done an excellent job on my projects. I often recommend them to clients as a possible builder, and I have never had a disappointed client.

Bob is great working with homeowners on the project, with a very positive attitude about everything. Talon Construction is always able to keep us aware of progress and budget on a project, with regular progress updates and Bob, Dave, and Ed will let us know when they need a decision on our end, which is critical to keeping a project on schedule. They think carefully about the best way to approach a project, studying the drawings and the scope of work, and I always welcome their building suggestions since it often results in a better end result. They are also willing to work through a construction challenge with the entire team-remodeling older houses is tricky due to hidden problems, and we all work together to find the best, most economical solution.

Finally, the finished product is high quality and the trim work is excellent. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Will Cawood, RA – December 2015