Who does bathroom renovations in Middletown?

Great small bathroom remodeling ideas can be found here

Who does bathroom renovations in Middletown Maryland that are smaller in size?

In a small bathroom, maximizing storage is crucial. Consider installing built-in shelves, recessed niches, or wall-mounted storage units to keep toiletries and towels organized without taking up too much space.

Instead of a traditional bulky vanity, choose a freestanding or wall-mounted sink. This can create the illusion of more floor space and give the bathroom a modern and open feel.

Look for compact fixtures specifically designed for small bathrooms. For example, choose a vessel bowl or corner sink, a small-scale toilet, or a space-saving bathtub or shower stall. These fixtures can help optimize space while still serving their purpose.

If you have a bathtub and want to convert it into a shower, consider installing a custom glass enclosure. It will make the bathroom appear more spacious by allowing natural light to flow through and creating a visually open area.

Proper lighting can make a small bathroom feel more inviting and open. Incorporate a combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to create a bright and visually appealing space. Consider adding a skylight or installing wall-mounted sconces to save counter space.

Mirrors can visually expand a small bathroom. Install a lighted large mirror or a mirrored cabinet to reflect light and give the impression of a larger space.

Think creatively when it comes to storage. Use vertical space by installing hooks or towel bars on the walls, utilize the space above the toilet with an over-the-toilet cabinet, or consider incorporating hidden storage behind a mirrored medicine cabinet.

Add your personal touch with small decorative elements, such as artwork, plants, or unique accessories. These details can enhance the aesthetics and create a sense of warmth and personality in the space.

Customizing your small bathroom renovation can make the most of the available space and create a functional and stylish oasis.