Time to renovate the kitchen in your home

    How can we renovate the kitchen to open up the floor plan and make it work in your home

    Time to renovate the kitchen in your home. The best way to improve your existing floor plan is to follow a design-build process that allows your input throughout the planning stages that will provide you a strategy to open up the floor plan and make it work in your home. Your ideas combined with our designers’ knowledge and experience in addition to the vast amount of ideas that sites like Pinterest or Houzz can provide make it much easier to navigate and renovate your home to work for you.

    This Mount Airy kitchen and first floor remodel included the dining room and family room and also moving the laundry room to the second floor because it makes it much easier when doing the laundry. The ease of moving around the island during meal preparation. The separation of rooms by installing peninsula cabinetry instead of walls provides the area to be visually open. Adding plenty of lighting options like the recessed and pendants and the under cabinet lights as well as incorporating more and larger windows for the natural light give the space an open feel as well. The flooring is continuous light finished hardwood on the entire floor without transitions to flow from room to room. The first floor is now visible from all angles which your family and friends will love as they get to spend more time with you.